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Premises Liability

When you hear the term premises liability it refers to the liability that someone might have for injuries they are responsible for because they own or possess property.

Some of the kinds of injuries that might occur include things like “slip and fall”, “trip and fall”, construction accidents and dog bites.

At the law firm of Jeffrey Knoll, we have years of experience with premises liability cases and a great deal of success helping our clients win rewards for their injuries. These are the most common kinds of civil cases yet no two are alike. Your situation and case won’t look like someone else’s, so it’s important that you document the details of your specific case for us.

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Kinds of Cases

If you aren’t sure if you have a case, or you don’t know what you need to pursue a case, please call us for more information, but in general, some common premises liablity cases involve:

  • Dog bites
  • Animal attacks
  • Falls resulting in injury at stores or at businesses
  • Property disputes resulting in injury
  • Injuries resulting from building code violations or use of shoddy materials
We are Here to Help!

At the law offices of Jeffrey Knoll, we have many years’ of experience with premises liability cases and would be happy to hear your case. We know that dealing with something like this can be stressful so we work hard to help you understand your case and what we are doing and to get you the reward you deserve.

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Client Reviews
"Unfortunately, I have been involved in several car and motorcycle accidents in the last ten (10) years. But luckily, each time I have gone to the Knoll Law Group for help. The firm worked hard on my cases to maximize the value, and I have always been happy with the settlements. Thank you Knoll Law Group!" Will V.
"Knoll Law Group was a tremendous help when I was involved in my very first car accident. They reviewed everything, made sure I understood what was going on, and helped me find doctors close to where I live to treat with. Even when I was initially put at fault they were able to fight for me and prove I was not liable for the accident, AND they got me a great settlement! Their team is really amazing!" Chris D.